Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Blogger CONTESSA VANESSA said...

Dear Janisfarm, only now I see that you have your own blog, although it's months that we know each other, you never told me about it ;)
I also realize that you seem to keep your creature silent since long time... shame, because I know you as a man who has a lot to say, and you still deeply believe (exactly the same way I do) in the power of music to beautify the world!
Now I just have stolen the John Braheny album from you, so I wanted to thank you for this and - especially - for your friendship, your closeness and your extreme kindness, which you demonstrated to me anytime you wrote a comment on my blogs!

Happy to be friends with you,
one big hug,

Your Vanessa :-))

11:48 PM  
Blogger Vlasman said...

Hey Nick, post an album if you have the time man.

Thought your blog was down..

12:35 AM  

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